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Smart Motorized Valve Actuator



The device will have all its old functions and functions, and in addition to using the latest technologies, it will provide and support the unique and very valuable capabilities below



  • Graphic panel and display with touch access.
  • Possibility and capability of calibration of minimum and maximum electromechanical level.
  • Ability to calibrate Zero and Span levels.
  • Ability to protect the minimum level and maximum electromechanical level.
  • Possibility to determine and select the operation of the device in the direction of clock hands and counterclockwise.
  • Phase control and protection capability in each phase.
  • Ability to control and protect the increase of current in each phase.
  • Ability to determine and select the motor control current level.
  • Phase sequence control capability.
  • Protection and maintenance of unstable conditions and power outages.
  • Output support 4 – 20ma.
  • 4 – 20ma input support.
  • Protection in the absence of supply voltages.
  • Intelligent detection and control of Hand Valve movement, willingly or unwillingly.
  • Energy consumption management.
  • Noise protection and standard dust.




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